[Openswan Users] Remote Office Advice?

Brett Curtis dashnu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 15:59:16 CEST 2006

I am ordering a couple servers to begin setup of a remote network. I  
already have openswan running in my current network for OSX & WinXP  
roadwarriors. In addition to this conn, I would like to setup 'subnet  

This is my plan.

[]--(switch)---->[Local Office Firewall/Ipsec]----> 
{INTERNET}<-------[Remote Office Firewall/Ipsec]--(switch)-----> 

Is this type of setup possible?

I more or less want the remote network and all machines behind it to  
use my local dhcp server dns server and all other internal services.

Once I get this running I would also like to enable the remote office  
to use or VoIP system. Ideally I would ship down pre programed IP  
phones they would plug it in and be on our system.

Setting up a remote office is brand new to me so your input would be  

Do you recommend me to use a different setup (if this one is even  
possible)? What could I expect for VoIP(h323) Traffic over an ipsec  
connection? Any experience with VoIP and ipsec (good results / bad  

So this is what I "think" I want unless the vets have better  

Extra info if needed:
The remote office has three users now with potential to grow to six  
or so over the next couple years.
Our Local office has ten users now with potential to grow to 15 or so  
over the next couple years.

Thanks for your time.


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