R: [Openswan Users] VPN on Multiple DLS router

Federico fviel at comune.belluno.it
Fri Jun 2 16:10:11 CEST 2006

>Da: Prepaid [mailto:prepaid at gmail.com] 
>Inviato: venerdì 2 giugno 2006 3.25
>A: Federico; users at openswan.org
>Oggetto: Re: [Openswan Users] VPN on Multiple DLS router
>On 6/1/06, Federico <fviel at comune.belluno.it> wrote:
 I have to generate VPN traffic from LL interface. I thought to use
leftnexthop="LL default gateway" on gw ipsec.conf but

>You have left=LL IP address and leftnexthop=LL default gateway?


>If you do ping -I LLIPADDRESS remote vpn tunnel are you able to ping the
remote vpn tunnel using the interface you want to dedicate to only VPN

No I can’t!
As I can't ping the public interface I want to dedicate to VPN traffic from
outside (internet)

This is the issue!!
I just would like  that the traffic coming IN from say eth3 was responded
from eth3
. But how to do that???
I mean, if I ping IP_ON_ETH3 from outside (any ip) I’d like to respond
through  IP_ON_ETH3 by eth3
Can you help me??
Thank you in advance 

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