[Openswan Users] Aggregate VPN Tunnel over Dual WAN

Prepaid prepaid at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 00:40:40 CEST 2006

I've been reading through the Openswan documentation and haven't found
anything even in Google searches about how to setup openswan to aggregate a
vpn tunnel over two WAN connections. The setup is I'd have 2 openswan boxes
seperated by the Internet, one server has one Internet connection, the other
server has 2 Internet connections, and I want to make the server with 2
internet connections utilize both of them to maximize the vpn throughput to
the one server.


                                            <=====> ISP 1
Server 1  <====> INTERNET                    SERVER 2
                                           <======> ISP 2

I see the Xircom Twin WAN VPN Gateway, Model Number XC-DPG603
http://www.xincom.com/twr603.html can do it and was wondering if there is
anyway Openswan or any other Linux VPN tool would be able to do it..

Many thanks in advance!
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