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Greg Scott GregScott at InfraSupportEtc.com
Sun Jul 23 01:09:24 CEST 2006

Aw nuts, sorry about that.  Lakeville is on the right, Roseville on the
left.  I got my diagram backwards and didn't notice until you pointed it
out.  For the record, it's like this:

Roseville   Lakeville 
 Left          eth1   eth0            Right              eth0    eth1

The whole problem was, I used a kernel from kernel.org because of some
other netfilter modules I wanted.  Sheesh - I built it about 3 weeks ago
and it's already obsolete.  And I must have built it wrong because when
I booted my test firewalls using the the original fc5 2.6.15.nnn kernel,
now I see esp packets going out both interfaces.  

I'll bet by now there's an fc5 2.6.17.nnn kernel, so I'm going to grab
that and use it.

- Greg

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On Sat, 2006-07-22 at 19:01 -0500, Greg Scott wrote:
> I must be missing something basic here.  I am trying to a simple 
> tunnel with 2 subnets.  Here is the scenario below.  Apologies if an 
> emailer somewhere along the line butchers the line wrapping.
> Roseville
> Lakeville
> Left
> Right
>                Left Firewall  <-Internet--> Right Firewall
>  eth1       eth0             eth0             eth1

So here you say that leftsubnet is, rightsubnet is

But later on in your config file, you have those the other way around:

> [root at lakeville-fw etc]# more ipsec.d/Roseville-Lakeville.conf

> conn Roseville-Lakeville
>         left=
>         leftsubnet=
>         leftnexthop=
>         leftid=@roseville.local
>         # RSA 2192 bits   roseville-fw   Thu Jul 20 18:47:26 2006
>         leftrsasigkey=0sAQPHZAiDY....
>         #
>         # Right security gateway, subnet behind it, next hop toward 
> left.
>         right=
>         rightsubnet=
>         rightnexthop=
>         rightid=@lakeville.local
>         # RSA 2192 bits   lakeville-fw   Wed Jul 19 21:09:32 2006
>         rightrsasigkey=0sAQNb9diw....
>         #
>         auto=start

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