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lizhong lizhong at ncic.ac.cn
Mon Jul 10 15:41:09 CEST 2006

Hi,  Jacco de Leeuw:
In fact, I am just testing Openswan + L2TPD between two machines in the same
subnets., for now I can not get the access control of the subnet's gateway.
So in this situation, can not Openswan +L2TPD work ? Thank u!
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Scientces
lizhong wrote:
> I am a beginner of Openswan.I tried to connect my openswan server on a 
> machine running linux from another machine running windows XP, and the 
> error message 31 was generated by windows.
Is 31 a typo? I cannot find a reference to it anywhere. What is the exact
error message (number and text)?
> conn L2TP-TEST
>         left=
> [lns default]
> ip range = local ip =
"left=" and "local ip="/"ip range=" must be in different subnets.
(Unless perhaps the VPN server is located behind a NAT router, but that does
not appear to be the case because NAT is disabled in your configuration).
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