[Openswan Users] RDP connection slow

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Tue Jan 31 13:14:12 CET 2006

Trying setting the MTU on your ADSL interface to 1400 in the ifcfg-ethx file.


We had a similar problem when two IPSEC networks, hooked together via ADSL (on each end), had odd MTU's.

Gary Wayne Smith

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> Hi group,
> I've a working ipsec tunnel between two lan and RDP (Windows Terminal
> Server protocol)
> connections over this tunnel are VERY slow, but only in one direction!
> Here are the
> details:
> The company lan is connected to the internet via a commercial VPN router
> and a 2MBit SDSL
> line. My home office is connected to the internet via an Openswan (2.4.4)
> router an a
> 1024/128 DSL line.
> When I connect from my home office to the company Terminal Server,
> everything is fine.
> When I connect from the company to the terminal server in my home office
> it is very, very
> slow. I know I only have 128kbits upstream bandwidth, but I made it
> possible to connect
> from the internet directly (via port forwarding) to this terminal server.
> If I connect via
> this way (no ipsec tunnel), I have a normal connection without speed
> problems.
> Maybe this could be an mtu problem, so I measured some pings back and
> forth:
> Company to home office: ping with size 7280 works, size of 7290 and more
> doesn't work
> Home office to company: ping with size 3850 works, size of 3860 and more
> doesn't work
> When I tried to ping the company with a size of 3860, I can't ping the
> company anymore
> even with smaller packet sizes. I can't even ping known websites! It looks
> like the router
> is somehow "blocked". After a minute or so, this blocking vanishes and I
> can ping the
> company and websites.
> Does someone has an explanation or even better a solution for this?
> Thanks
> Andreas
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