[Openswan Users] Hello world..:)

acidburn at vivonet.lv acidburn at vivonet.lv
Tue Jan 31 08:48:53 CET 2006

Hi, I'm a total newbie in IPSec and ISKMP things.
So.. I have OpenSwan installed on Gentoo.
I need to make a tunnel to a mobile operator.
The operator sent me the needed requirements for customer's IPSec/IKE software (given in terms of according RFC's)
Could You please help me to generate the ipsec.conf for these parameters?

ISAKMP SA Main Mode            ON
ISAKMP SA Aggressive Mode      OFF
ISAKMP SA Cypher               3DES CBC
ISAKMP SA Hash function        MD5
ISAKMP SA Diffie Hellman group 2
ISAKMP SA SA lifetime (hours)  4
IPSec SA encryption/authenti   ESP
IPSec SA Mode                  QUICK
IPSec SA Cypher                3DES CBC
IPSec SA Hash Function         MD5
IPSec SA Perfect Forward Secrecy OFF
IPSec SA Lifetime (hours)      1

Thank YOU!


Girts L.
VAS Latvenergo

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