[Openswan Users] Regarding flow of code!!!

gana pathy ganabk at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jan 28 09:03:14 CET 2006

  First i thank you for answered my previous question about code very quickly...
  I got log messages of pluto and klips through barf command.But in that one the mesages of pluto and klips are given separately..
  u told that the details of conf file are read through _confread..
  In that openswan code,can u tell where the code starts(where is the main function)?.
  I log the barf messages in one file.in that file,under the klog label
  first "ipsec_setup: Starting Openswan IPsec 2.4.4..."message is coming.
  i searched for that in code . i saw it in __realsetup.in"file.After that

  "lac kernel: klips_debug:pfkey_x_debug_parse: enter" message is coming....
  i dont know how it came from "_realsetup.in" file to parser code.
  Can u tell how _confread and other ".in" files are interlinked???
  Can u tell how the flow is going at starting in brief????
  Also in pluto messages,
  After registering of AH,ESP,IPCOMP... the "received whack message" is coming..then it reading the messages from ctrl_fd and take some actions.
  control fd is used for reading info(reading from socket) ..i dont  know where it is writing to socket.
  Can u tell where it is writing to socket?
  Finally,can anyone tell me (any websites)how to understand the flow of the code???? What documents i have to read to understand the code functions??
  Thank u in advance,

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