[Openswan Users] who calls ipsec_xmit_esp_setup()

iler_ml at fastmail.fm iler_ml at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 23 05:08:57 CET 2006

I need to understand the call chain of rcv and xmit in the ipsec code.
The rcv call chain is understandable. I'm trying to understand now how
ipsec_xmit_esp_setup() is called. It is registered as member

But nowehre a call to proto_funcs->xmit_setup can be found. Can anyone
shed a light on where proto_funcs->xmit_setup is called, or where
ipsec_xmit_esp_setup() is called ?

Yakov Lerner

grep xmit_setup *
ipsec_ah.c:             xmit_setup:         ipsec_xmit_ah_setup, // not
a call
ipsec_esp.c:            xmit_setup:         ipsec_xmit_esp_setup, // not
a call
ipsec_ipcomp.c:  xmit_setup:  ipsec_xmit_ipcomp_setup, // not a call
ipsec_ipip.c:   xmit_setup:         ipsec_xmit_ipip_setup, // not a call
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