[Openswan Users] Can IPsec protect Raw socket packet?

Julio Cesar Gazquez juliogazquez at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jan 19 09:21:41 CET 2006

El Jueves 19 Enero 2006 05:33, Chen, Kai (Kai) escribió:
>  Hi, IPsec expert,
>  I have setup a FreeSWAN IPsec tunnel and the ping packets are protected by
>  ESP. When I sent raw socket packet between this tunnel ends, the packet is
>  not protected as will. Could you tell me why or what I have missed?

Plain IPSec only protects IP traffic (layer 3), hence the name, while raw 
socket packets (ethernet, ppp) are layer 2 . I guess you need L2TP (a Layer 2 
tunnel based on IPSec, AFAIK) or a different VPN system like OpenVPN, that 
allows layer 2 tunnels).

Julio César Gázquez

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