[Openswan Users] Can IPsec protect Raw socket packet?

Chen, Kai (Kai) kaichen at lucent.com
Fri Jan 20 12:45:58 CET 2006

Ok, thanks,

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On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Chen, Kai (Kai) wrote:

> I have setup an IPsec tunnel between ends A and B. I used ping to =
> whether the tunnel had been setup properly. I found that the ICMP =
> were protected by ESP.
> Now, I have an application which transmit data via raw socket(which =
is one
> type of transport layer protocols(STREAM--TCP, DATAGRAM--UDP, RAW
> For it is transparent to IP, it should be protected by IPsec from A =
to B.
> But it does not.

And these are not subnet-subnet tunnels, while you are testing from the
ipsec servers themselves? Because in that case, it will pick the =
IP, which will be the public IP of the server, which is not part of the
subnet ipsec tunnel.
If this is a host-host tunnel and you see this problem, perhaps you =
post to the dev at openswan.org mailing list.


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