[Openswan Users] l2tpd/ppp/openswan on redhat as 4

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Jan 20 05:47:32 CET 2006

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Christophe Ngo Van Duc wrote:

>   I've been struggling with making work the following config for some
> roadwarriors (winxp)
>   openswan 2.4.5rc4
>   l2tpd-0.69-12jdl.i386.rpm
>   ppp-2.4.2-6.4.RHEL4
>   kernel 2.6.9-5.ELsmp

If using netkey, 2.6.9 is really a bad old kernel. And if using klips, you
should not use smp because it crashes klips :(

>  Jan 20 03:05:54 cedric pluto[830]: "L2TP-PSK"[6] x.x.x.x #12:
> STATE_QUICK_R2: IPsec SA established {ESP=>0xa087e7fe <0x4a7ab458
> xfrm=3DES_0-HMAC_MD5 NATD=none DPD=none}

Note that it says no nat is detected.

> connection "L2TP-PSK" instance with peer {isakmp=#0/ipsec=#0}
> Jan 20 03:06:29 cedric pluto[830]: packet from x.x.x.x:500: received and
> ignored informational message
> Jan 20 03:06:32 cedric pluto[830]: ERROR: asynchronous network error report
> on eth1 (sport=500) for message to x.x.x.x port 500, complainant x.x.x.z: No
> route to host [errno 113, origin ICMP type 3 code 1 (not authenticated)]

The router x.x.x.z is telling you that it cannot route to x.x.x.x. But x.x.x.x
apparnetly did manage to send you a packet. You will need to fix that.


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