[Openswan Users] Regarding code!!!

Radek Antoniuk r.antoniuk at pixel.com.pl
Thu Jan 19 13:26:46 CET 2006

gana pathy wrote:
> Hi,
> i am doing project in ipsec using openswan 2.4.4.Can anyone tell ,in
> code,where it is taking configuration details from ipsec.conf???
> Also, where we get some information about code details (in brief) in
> internet?Or can anyone tell the flow of openswan code in brief(atleast
> starting stage)????

Well, maybe my English is not perfect, but I didn't understand your
Maybe reading docs and/or www.openswan.org would be a good start?

I'm preparing a quick howto on the following scenarios howtos now:
* roadwarrior net2host (linux linux)
* roadwarrior net2net (linux linux)
* roadwarrior net2host (linux win)
* roadwarrior net2net (linux win)

all of the above in variations:
	- with PSK
	- with RSA
	- with OCSP
	- with NAT-T

using 2.4.5+KLIPS module. I will post a link as soon as i will finish
it, but now i'm in exams, so it won't be sooner than in 2 weeks i think.


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