[Openswan Users] road warrior question

Andreas Lüdtke andi.luedtke at gmx.de
Wed Jan 18 17:34:33 CET 2006

> > kern.warn pluto[18429]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #4: Aggressive mode peer ID is
> > ID_KEY_ID: '@#0x50544e42414c'
> > kern.warn pluto[18429]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #4: no suitable connection for
> > '@#0x50544e42414c'
> you can try setting rightid=@#0x50544e42414c

I changed the setting to an e-mail address (FQDN) on both sides. Now I get:

kern.warn pluto[23915]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #1: Aggressive mode peer ID is
ID_USER_FQDN: 'name at domain.com'
kern.warn pluto[23915]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #1: responding to Aggressive Mode,
state #1, connection 'ROADWARRIOR' from
kern.warn pluto[23915]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #1: can't authenticate: no preshared
key found for '' and '%any'. Attribute OAKLEY_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD
kern.warn pluto[23915]: "ROADWARRIOR"[1] #1: no acceptable Oakley Transform

Does this mean the preshared key is not correct or are the proposals wrong? I checked the
proposals and I think they're correct. As I said, my ipsec.secrets is like:

domain.dyndns.org : PSK "secret"

Where domain.dyndns.org stands for ''.

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