[Openswan Users] Tunnel keeps up, but traffic is not sent.

Julio Cesar Gazquez julio at solutionrosario.com.ar
Mon Jan 16 12:43:16 CET 2006

Hi. I recently set my first IPSec tunnels in several locations, all of them 
against a box in the main branch, controlled by another shop.

Most of them have a NAT setup, yet with a full NATed IP. The tunnels are 
working, but sometimes the tunnels get stuck, as they appear in the output of 
ipsec eroute, but the waiting package count goes up and nothing is 
transferred across until I restart the service.

Is this a known problem? I guess this is not a matter of NAT port timeout as 
the whole IP is forwarded. I have little experience with OpenSwan in 
particular and IPSec in general (I just did a couple of tests with Windows 
and dedicated routers before this), so I'm not sure if I'm doing something 
wrong or I must to blame the people in the other end, who don't cooperate too 
much with us.
They are using some *SWAN flavor, as I know their box is a "router" with a 
Linux inside, but I have no further details about their setup.

I'm using kernels version 2.4.29 and 2.4.31 with NAT patch and OpenSWAN 2.4.4. 
One of my endpoints configurations is as follows:

# basic configuration
config setup
        plutodebug = "control parsing emitting natt"

# Add connections here
conn rosario

Thanks in advance.

Julio Gázquez
Solution Servicios Informáticos

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