[Openswan Users] vpn connection after internet reconnect

Andreas Lüdtke andi.luedtke at gmx.de
Mon Jan 16 09:09:31 CET 2006

> > > Is there a better way of doing this (without 
> stopping/starting ipsec)?
> > 
> > Use a custom _updown script using leftupdown=/path/to/your/script
> > 
> Will the updown script be run here? It's run when the IPsec SA changes
> state, isn't it?
> These logs show the IKE SA has expired, not the IPsec SA. By 
> default the
> IPsec lifetime is much longer.
> Anyway, I suspect the public IP changes when the DSL reconnects. I
> believe you have to restart pluto in that case so it binds to the new
> address. I have DSL also and that's how it works for me. I 
> just run the
> appropriate stuff from the PPP ip-up script.

You're right, it's a PPPOE DSL connection and I get a new ip address every 24 hours. I
will put the stuff in the ip-up script to handle also disconnections that appear beside
the normal 24 hour disconnect.


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