[Openswan Users] ike proposal and dynamic ip

Matthias Haas mh at pompase.net
Mon Jan 9 13:26:03 CET 2006

As I am playing arround with with ike proposals, I stumble over an issue I  
am not sure whether it is requested or it is another bug. In case of main 
mode with dynamic ip addresses pluto selects a random possible connection to 
do phase 1 negotiation. This leads to the problem, that in case of multiple 
different connections with different mandatory proposals a valid connection 
can not be established, because pluto selects a connection for phase 1 that 
has no valid proposal. 
My thoughts are now, is there only one type of proposal allowed for all 
connections that handle left dynamic ip addresses or is it a bug that no 
other possible connection with dynamic left ip is choosen? 

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