[Openswan Users] comm_handle error

Juan Pablo Espino jp.espino at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 14:15:08 EST 2006


I have been experimenting some problems with my road-warrior
connections. I have the following scenario:

Linux-FreeS/Wan  ------ NAT ------- Road Warriors connections

It works fine most of the time, however, at least twice in a month all
the connections go down. There is an error that repeats frequently
while the connections are down:

2006-Dec 26 14:08:51 (none) pluto[1483]: ERROR: "XXX404_1"[1]
X.X.61.54 #271415: recvmsg(,, MSG_ERRQUEUE) on eth1 failed in
comm_handle. Errno 11: Resource temporarily unavailable

I have to restart the Linux box to get my system up again I appreciate
if you can help me to understand what exactly does it message mean

Additional details:
- FreeS/Wan version: super-freeswan-1.99.8)
- 165 road warriors connections (soft remote v10.3)

-Juan Pablo

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