[Openswan Users] Another IPSec Query

Alok Thaker alok.akki at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 01:05:30 EST 2006

Hello Techies,

                     Thanks for your co-operation(Paul)when I included
no_oe.conf in my ipsec.conf my services on external internet started running
and I was able to use net along with my ipsec vpn connection running between
Windows XP and my openswan based firewall VPN Server.

Now,but there is one query i.e that I should not turn off windows firewall
while connecting to an ipsec vpn linux server.I need to turn off
inbuilt windows xp firewall in LAN Settings for making ipsec work.I want
that my ipsec client tool on windows xp should run with inbuilt XP firewall
on.How can I do that ?.

Have A Bug Free Day!
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