[Openswan Users] Errno 28: No space left on device while rekeying

Matthias Haas mh at pompase.net
Wed Dec 27 10:48:55 EST 2006

I am currently using openswan 2.4.7 with kernel 2.4.33. After negotiating
a lot of SAs I receive the following error while rekeying the connections.
Everytime this occurs no further rekeying is possible anymore until I
restart the ipsec. By the way the error also occured with the very old
version 2.1.4 so this seems to be related to pretty old code I think:

vpn pluto[2426]: ERROR: "server_1" #25146: pfkey write() of SADB_ADD
message 133225 for Add SA tun.706b at failed. Errno 28: No
space left on device

As far as I reviewd the code the error seems to arise at

    598   if (kern_interface != NO_KERNEL)
    599   {
    600       ssize_t r = write(pfkeyfd, pfkey_msg, len);
    601       int e1 = errno;
    603       if (r != (ssize_t)len)
    622       default:
    623       logerr:
    624         log_errno_routine(e1, "pfkey write() of %s message %u"
    625               " for %s %s failed"
    626               , sparse_val_show(pfkey_type_names
    627               , pfkey_msg->sadb_msg_type)
    628               , pfkey_msg->sadb_msg_seq
    629               , description, text_said);
    630         success = FALSE;

It seems as if the errno is set while writing to the pfkey socket to the
Has anybody seen this error before or is there any circumstance known
wherefrom this error arises. Does this mean that the socket is somehow
stuck as the kernel does not collect the data from the socket's buffer.

Kind regards


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