[Openswan Users] transport mode problems?

John McMonagle johnm at advocap.org
Thu Dec 7 18:54:01 EST 2006

Currently have 6 sites with firewalls doing subnet to subnet ipsec tunnels.

Works fine but want to switch to gre tunnels so I can run routing 
protocols through them.

First  trying to get transport mode working between 2 sites.
I commented out the subnets.
Shut down the connections
Replaced them.

I can not ping the other end either way.
tcpdump shows esp  coming in on the remote end  but no icmp.
Tried both transport and tunnel.

Tried changing every chain to accept one by one and it did not help.
I'm using shorewall for my firewall and if I shut it down on both ends 
it works.

Both are connected directly to the Internet.
Both have snat and dnat setup.
Both use openswan 2.4.6 from debian backports.
Both use shorewall 2.2.3
Both use iptables 1.2.11
Both use the native 2.6 kernel ipsec.
One is running 2.6.15 kernel other is

Definably something going on I'm not thinking of :-(

Any ideas?


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