[Openswan Users] Cisco VPN connection

Andy Gay andy at andynet.net
Wed Aug 30 09:07:17 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 10:50 -0400, Artem wrote:
> Here's the error log: 

> Aug 29 20:11:35 www pluto[17003]: "ciscovpn" #1: STATE_MAIN_R3: sent MR3, ISAKMP SA established {auth=OAKLEY_PRESHARED_KEY cipher=oakley_3des_cbc_192 prf=oakley_md5 group=modp1024}

Phase 1 completes OK, it's using DH group 2 (modp1024), so I guess you
changed the Cisco end to use that. But

Aug 29 20:11:35 www pluto[17003]: "ciscovpn" #1: cannot respond to IPsec SA request because no connection is known for

Looks like you need rightsubnet=

- Andy

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