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Shi Lang shilang at greenpacket.com
Thu Aug 10 06:46:12 EDT 2006

Thanks Paul very much.
Hold is equivalent of "ipsec auto --down Private_test1".
How about:----
Clear is equivalent of "ipsec auto --delete Private_test1" ?
Restart is equivalent of "ipsec auto --delete Private_test1;  ipsec auto
--add Private_test1;  ipsec auto --up Private_test1; ?

My another doubt is how to see the U_R_THERE message, can I do
" tcpdump -i eth0 not port ssh and port"
Because I can see below every 30seconds by default
" 10:48:51.283438 > isakmp:
phase 2/others ? inf[E]: [|hash] (DF)
10:48:51.464522 > isakmp: phase
2/others ? inf[E]: [|hash] (DF)
10:49:21.762760 > isakmp: phase
2/others ? inf[E]: [|hash] (DF)
10:49:22.003163 > isakmp: phase
2/others ? inf[E]: [|hash] (DF)

Shi Lang

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On Thu, 10 Aug 2006, Shi Lang wrote:

> I have a doubt that when dpdaction=clear and reach dpdtimeout, the #19#25
> lines will be deleted. Is the whole "Private_test1" will be deleted also
> (like ipsec auto --delete Private_test1")?

Yes, with dpdaction=clear that will happen. With dpdaction=hold it will
be the equivalent of ipsec auto --down Private_test1.


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