[Openswan Users] ip route and openswan

David Green david.green at jwh.com.au
Fri Aug 4 03:30:08 EDT 2006

I had a similar problem which I solved by using the configuration directives leftsourceip=<left's internal interface IP address> and rightsourceip=<right's internal interface IP address>

David Green
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Subject: [Openswan Users] ip route and openswan

When I start openswan the following ip route is created via xxx.www.yyy.zzz dev eth0

This routes perfectly between the two networks, however it will not route
between the two hosts over the same tunnel, to do this I have to delete the
above route and then use the following command

ip route add via dev eth0 src

To get a final ip route of via xxx.www.yyy.zzz dev eth0  src

is there a way to get openswan to add the src (gateway local ip) to
the above line automatically, even if I have to enter in a
configuration file somewhere as there could be multiple interfaces/ips on
the machine.

I know I can route between the two host by creating extra tunnels in my
configuration, however I do not wish to have more than one tunnel, or have
an ipsec connection between the external ip addresses, and everything I need
can be achieved over one tunnel if only the ip route line is correct.

Thanks in advance
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