[Openswan Users] Creating Win XP vpn connection

peters at exemplar-associates.com peters at exemplar-associates.com
Wed Apr 19 11:08:37 CEST 2006


I am trying to establish a VPN using Openswan on Ubuntu
and Win XP Pro boxes following Nate Carlsons excellent guide.
This is not my area of expertise so please forgive the basic

Although I have followed the guide closely and see similar output
I have been unable to establish a connection nor work out
exactly what the error is.

I suspect that I may be using the wrong ip addresses or something
like that and I have been experimenting with various permutations
as I can't work out from Nate's article what addresses I should
be using.

This is the client ipsec.conf:

conn roadwarrior
=09rightca=3D=22C=3DUK,S=3DBeds,L=3DBiggleswade,O=3DExemplar =

conn roadwarrior-net
=09rightca=3DC=3DUK, S=3DBeds, L=3DBiggleswade, O=3DExemplar Associates, =

Here is the tail of the oakley.log from the PC:

Source IP Address Mask
Destination IP Address
Destination IP Address Mask
Protocol 0
Source Port 0
Destination Port 0
IKE Local Addr=20
IKE Peer Addr=20

 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc=20
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc Me

 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc No response from peer

 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc 0x0 0x0
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc constructing ISAKMP Header
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc constructing DELETE. MM 000F6F08
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc=20
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc Sending: SA =3D 0x000F6F08 to 1
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc ISAKMP Header: (V1.0), len =3D 56=20
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   I-COOKIE d56f0a69956ea0bc
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   R-COOKIE 0000000000000000
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   exchange: ISAKMP Informational Exchange
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   flags: 0=20
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   next payload: DELETE
 4-19: 10:27:34:281:6cc   message ID: a5e1e441

The clinet has a real ip address and the server


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