[Openswan Users] Pluto Failure with Certificate

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Apr 17 01:05:53 CEST 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006, Brian Candler wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 11:41:26PM +0200, sasa wrote:
> > Core was generated by `/usr/libexec/ipsec/pluto --nofork --secretsfile
> > /etc/ipsec.secrets --ipsecdir /'.
> > Program terminated with signal 8, Arithmetic exception.
> > #0  0x0065e887 in ?? ()
> Type "bt" at this point for a stack trace.

Also, gdb should be run from the source dir of openswan-2/programs/pluto,
or the file command should be used to point to it, because now we do not
see any function or variable names, and the backtrace will be useless.

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