[Openswan Users] Shaky VPN connections

Xunhua Wang wangxx at jmu.edu
Wed Apr 12 23:08:57 CEST 2006

Thank you for the reply. Following your suggestions, I modified the
configuration file and the connections are more stable now.

One more question:

> > config setup
> >    interfaces=%defaultroute
> >    nat_traversal=yes
> >    virtual_private=%v4:,%v4:,%v4:
> You're using Nate Carlson's config which is incorrect on some points.
> You need to exclude your internal subnet(s). See the sample files
> in openswan-2.4.5/programs/examples

If my internal subnet is, how can I exclude it in
virtual_private? I cannot find any related document on this.

Thanks again,


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