[Openswan Users] [original Subject: routes not removed after roadwarrior disconnect or timeout]

Bgs bgs at bgs.hu
Wed Apr 12 21:13:13 CEST 2006


>>I try to configure openswan+softremote in roadwarrior config. The connection
>>works well, but after a roadwarrior disconnects or the connection breaks in
>>some other way, the routes stay in the openswan boxes roueing table:
>>80.xx.xx.xx via 80.yy.yy.yy dev ipsec0
> If you reconnect it should replace that, providing you have uniqueids=yes

The problem is that on the VPN box there are other services as well that 
shold be reached through the public IP. But because of the above route 
record, the back traffic goes into the ipsec0 device which will block it 
because there is no definition for that traffic. So once a client 
connects to the VPN box, it will not reach the other services until I 
bring down the route or restart openswan... :(

>>I tried to add dead peer detection, but it had no effect. Any ideas what is
>>the problem? Is it openswan config or is it softremote?
> softremote might not support DPD.

That might indeed be a problem, I'm trying to find out right now...

OTOH, if DPD works by waiting for DPD replies, shouldn't the route 
disappear after two minutes with the config I attached regardless of DPD 

Why did my Subject disappear? I gave it a nice subject and the mail 
still has it in my Sent box...


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