[Openswan Users] UMTS l2tp/ipsec

Flavian Dola flavian.dola at fimm.net
Wed Apr 5 15:16:43 CEST 2006

Thank for your answer.

Here is the configuration map:

| Roadwarriors |  ----------------- | FW | ----------- | Network |
l2tp/ipsec |

Roadwarriors are connecting on the l2tp/ipsec server gateway ( which has 
an public IP address (for exemple - no NAT )). The 
l2tp/ipsec server gives us an private IP address (192.168.8.x). So the 
Roadwarriors can access the Newtork (123.123.123.x) throught the 
l2tp/ipsec server which is Nated their connections.

When I try to connect througt a xDSL the link l2tp/ipsec is stable but I 
lost some times 1 ping...

Paul Wouters wrote:

>On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, Flavian Dola wrote:
>>I setup an openswan/l2tpd server.
>>Roadwarrior clients connect successfully (via xDSL, UMTS, ...)
>>But via umts, they are disconnect very frequently (every approximately ten
>>minutes). The Umts network seems good.
>>Is there some finetuning needed due to timeouts etc...?
>>Can someone help me to do this?
>It should just work without problems.
>Are you behind NAT? Then there should be frequent keep-alive packets to
>keep the NAT mapping alive.
>Are you ising DPD? DPD might be very bad for UMTS if there is congestion or
>when you move between cells, and might cause the link to die.

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