[Openswan Users] Routes on ipsec instead of physical interface when interfaces go down and then up.

Ilona Regev iregev at mrv.co.il
Mon Mar 14 22:27:01 CET 2005

I've searched using Google as well as tried to go through some mailing
lists, but have not managed to find any answers - so hopefully someone here
can help.
I have a tunnel set up and everything seems to work fine.
The problem begins when my physical interface goes down and then comes up
After the interface comes up, I map the ipsec interface using the 'ipsec
tncfg' command and that's fine.
My problem is, that routes that were previously on the physical interfaces
are now on the ipsec interface (I read somewhere that this is because the
kernel looks for the first interface with a matching IP - which happens to
be the ipsec interface).
Since many of my routes are dynamic (learnt via some routing protocol), I
cannot manually set them each time (and its not just the default gateway
that needs to be set). 
The interface to be set to is also not a fixed interface (could vary
according to the setup).
Has anyone encountered this before or come up with a solution?
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