[Openswan Users] VPN with Netgear - help!!

John John at DMJ-Consultancy.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 09:59:08 CET 2005

I have followed http://www.murphyauto.com/pdf/NG318toSwan.pdf   to 
configure my VPN but I still have problems.

[Left local net]----[Left box]-----------[hub]-------------[right 
box]----[right local net]
|                        []
                          [OpenSwan]                 |                  
[Netgear FVS318]
                                                        [DSL modem]

The problem is that all attempts to traecroute from left (or right) 
local nets to the right (or left) sides shoot straight down the DSL 
modem to my ISP.

My Netgear unit shows the VPN lik as inactive.

Has anyone any ideas on how to sort this, please?



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