[Openswan Users] Using OpenSwan with SuSE Linux 9.2 and Netgear FVM318 DSL router

John John at DMJ-Consultancy.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 09:18:48 CET 2005

I've tried setting up a local VPN between my SuSE server and the above
Netgear unit. Currently, both units reside on a common series
network but each has a separate 192.168.x.0 network behind it and I want
to get these 192.168 networks talking. Firstly, does anyone already have
experience of this combination?

Secondly, can anyone help me solve a '021 no connection named
"vpn-link"' error when I try and configure the OpenSwan side of the
tunnel? Ipsec.conf contains the line 'conn vpn-link' but tihs does not
seem to be recognised.



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