[Openswan Users] Wedgies

Marcus Leech mleech at nortel.com
Wed Mar 2 10:30:45 CET 2005

Well, after repeatedly being told that KLIPS problems in 2.6 were likely 
due to
  RedHat/Fedora  kernels, I installed 2.6.11-rc5 (from kernel.org) 
yesterday, and testing
  today reveals that as soon as you try to pass traffic, it hangs the 
system, requiring a hard reset--just
  like with the RedHat/Fedora 2.6.10 kernels.

Furthermore, any attempt to negotiate AES with KLIPS *still* causes a 
null pointer deref
  in the kernel, in AES_setkey.

I'm going to build 2.6.11 (just released a few hours ago), and see if 
that makes any
  difference, but I really doubt it.  It's just not looking good for 
KLIPS on 2.6 at
  this point.

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