[Openswan Users] PalmOS Movian VPN Client

ecarlseen at praecelsus.com ecarlseen at praecelsus.com
Tue Mar 1 14:02:08 CET 2005

Hi, I'm trying to find a way to connect PalmOS devices (specifically, a 
Treo 650) to an OpenS/WAN VPN. The only IPSec implementation I've found so 
far is the Movian VPN client, and even that now has extremely limited 
availability. Movian, unfortunately, is "overly user-friendly" - it 
contains profiles for several commercial VPN concentrators and doesn't 
allow you to directly specify every possible connectivity option. 
Additionally, it only allows PSK mode which is poorly supported by 
OpenS/WAN in a road warrior configuration.

So the question is in two parts:

1) Has anyone hacked Movian VPN for PalmOS into working, and / or
2) Is anyone aware of a superior IPSec implementation for PalmOS 5.4?

If nobody's already tried, then I'll spend a day or two messing with 
Movian - but if someone has already made it work there's no sense in me 
trying to reinvent the wheel.

As a last resort, I suppose there's always PPTP :-)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Erik Carlseen
Praecelsus Consulting, Inc.

PGP/GPG Public Encryption Key available at: 

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