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panos panos at kamaradata.com
Tue Mar 1 07:26:09 CET 2005

The sonic wall supports most methods of keying.
But I could only get it to inter-op with openswan with manual keying.
But that was one of the reasons to experiment with a new kernel and a
later version of openswan.

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On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, panos wrote:

> When I start openswan I get ... Linux Openswan U2.3.0/K2.6.9-1.724_FC3
> (netkey)
> How do I prevent "netkey" module from being loaded at boot time.

Ensure the ipsec module is loaded before starting openswan. This should
prevent netkey from getting loaded.

> I know should be using automatic keying but our vpn server on the
> side is not a linux box, but a sonic wall and it only interops with
> manual keying.

If a "VPN box" only supports manual keying, it should be used as a
at most. With manual keying you will never rekey your connection, so
entire duration of the VPN is using 1 key, potentially for years. The
encrypted traffic can be logged, and if a year later either openswan or
the "vpn box" is compromised and the key obtained, all communications
can be
decrypted. This is not possible when using automatic keying.
I find it hard to believe Sonic wall would sell manual keying only

A simple ADSL router these days support automatic keying and cost less
a $100. How valuable is your privacy?

> /lib/modules/2.6.9-1.724_FC3/kernel/net/key/af_key.ko
> ipsec_setup: insmod
> ipsec_setup: insmod
> ipsec_setup: insmod >
> ipsec_setup: insmod >

Make sure to unload these with rmmod before loading the iopsec (klips)


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