[Openswan Users] - kernel panic

mario.lobo at ipad.com.br mario.lobo at ipad.com.br
Tue Mar 1 08:08:55 CET 2005

> Did you make sure in both cases the NETKEY modules were not loaded or compiled inline into
> the kernel?

of course !. The first and only time I forgot to do that, openswan complained about KLIPS and 
NETKEY code presence.

I can send you my kernel .config if you´d like.

There was one little change I made. I doubt this change is reponsible for the failures but, just in 
case, let me mention.

change on net/ipsec/addrtot.c

When compiling the kernel, the compilation would stop because of the local strstr() on that file so 
I changed it to strstr_l().

I changed here: -----------------------------------------------

#if defined(__KERNEL__) /* && !defined(__HAVE_ARCH_STRSTR) */

 * Find the first occurrence of find in s.
 * (from NetBSD 1.6's /src/lib/libc/string/strstr.c)
char *
strstr_l(s, find)

and here: -----------------------------------------------

	q = strstr_l(buf, ":0:0:");
	if (squish && q != NULL) {	/* zero squishing is possible */

Other than that, I didn´t touch anything.

I always used code from openswan-2 HEAD and copied the files manually and carefully EVERYTIME.

I tought it could have something to do with network board drivers but if I don´t do VPN, the system 
runs perfectly well (squid, http, mysql, ssh all active). not a single hicup !

Thanks again for helping Paul.
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