[Openswan Users] All packets of ipsec0 dropped

Wah Jong wahjong at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 09:28:29 CEST 2005

 Is there any hints why all packets of ipsec0 getting dropped?
 my vpn diagram <> ---- [eth1 a.b.c.d eth0] ==== 
internet ==== [eth0 x.y.w.z eth1] -----<>
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_hard_header: skb->dev=ipsec0 dev=ipsec0.
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_hard_header: Revectored 
0x00000000->0xd78ce2a4 len=60 type=2048 dev=ipsec0->eth0 
dev_addr=00:50:fc:3a:17:5c ip=c0a80a75->c0a80f75
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_start_xmit: >>> skb->len=74 
hard_header_len:14 00:50:fc:3a:17:5c:00:50:fc:3a:17:5c:08:00 
kernel: klips_debug: IP: ihl:20 ver:4 tos:0 tlen:60 id:35201 frag_off:0 
ttl:31 proto:1 (ICMP) chk:30469 saddr:
<>daddr: <> type:code=8:0
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_findroute:><>1
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: * See if we match exactly as a host 
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: ** try to match a leaf, t=0xcf1cbc80
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: *** start searching up the tree, t=0xcf1cbc80
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: **** t=0xcf1cbc98
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: **** t=0xcc8957c0
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: ***** cp2=0xdd9cfd28 cp3=0xc5f76230
kernel: klips_debug:rj_match: ***** not found.
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_start_xmit: checking for local udp/500 IKE 
packet saddr=c0a80a75, er=00000000, daddr=c0a80f75, er_dst=0, proto=1 
sport=0 dport=0
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_start_xmit: Original head,tailroom: 18,36
kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_tunnel_start_xmit: shunt SA of DROP or no eroute: 

Steve Jong
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