[Openswan Users] Re: Just to let you know. My setup works WITHOUT problems withWindows 2000 (all updates, SP4) behind NAT. So I assume this is a Windows XP problem.

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Thu Jun 23 14:33:44 CEST 2005

Norman Rasmussen wrote:

> With the patch found on
> http://www.lanarchitect.net/Articles/FixSP2VPN/FixSP2VPN.vbs I have a
> working connection under Windows XP too!

 > Jacco: Now you know why I scream install the NAT-T patch for SP2
 > before doing anything else :-)

Ah, I see. That was a misunderstand from my part. I thought you were
referring to the NAT-T update in SP2 and Q818043 !

The registry patch by George Ou (and Q885407) is something completely
different. It is supposed to be needed only if the server is NATed.
But apparently this patch is also needed if the XP client is NATed...

If I recall correctly, I have tested a NATed Windows XP SP2 without this
registry patch and it worked. But back then, I was not using Openswan 2.3
because it had not been out yet. Since then, I installed the registry
patch and upgraded to Openswan 2.3.

It would be interesting to do some experiments with previous Openswan
versions and/or the CVS version after removing the registry patch from
XP SP2. That's because it is a pain to install this patch on every client
and it should not be needed on NATed clients anyway.

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