[Openswan Users] accessing cvs

Richard Abbuhl RAbbuhl at VoCognition.com
Wed Jun 15 19:56:19 CEST 2005

BTW, it is not a problem with MTU since I can use remote desktop to
connect from home to work.



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I upgraded my system to fedora core 4 this morning and now I cannot
access CVS over the network from my home intranet.  I can ping the CVS
host on the other side of the tunnel from my system but CVS check out
does not seem to be working correctly.  Also same problem with Microsoft
Outlook and it cannot connect to the server at work.  From the office to
my home intranet seems to be okay and I did not change any ipsec
configurations except for removing rightfirewall and leftfirewall which
are obsolete.


What is the best way to debug this problem?



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