[Openswan Users] Proxy arp for virtual IP address

Marcus Better marcus at better.se
Fri Jun 3 20:43:41 CEST 2005

> so where is left or right? Openswan cannot tell.

I have
in the conn %default section, that should work, right?

And the tunnel is established and working. The address is
automatically added to the eth0 interface, which is very nice.

> It is probably easier to setup an ip alias with 10.* space on it and use
> that to build a tunnel to transport the traffic.

Ok. I could do that.

But what if, in a different situation, I have a block of public IP
addresses instead of, and I want to "extrude" part of
that block to a road-warrior? Then I cannot choose the virtual IP
address at will, it must be from the same subnet.

There are instructions for this in the Openswan documentation,
under "Road Warrior with virtual IP address". It says I should set up a
proxy ARP entry, as I described, but that doesn't seem to work for me.


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