[Openswan Users] Windoze services over IPSEC

David Spear dspear at telus.net
Mon Jan 31 12:29:22 CET 2005

> > Can someone enlighten me on what I need to do to browse the windows
> > network on my private net?  I tried setting up a WINS server on the
> > 192.168.x.x. network in my dial-up connection properties, but that
> > doesn't seem to do it.  Nothing shows up in the Network
> You cannot just use WINS for your dailup. WINS is a registration
> so you need to configure everything in your network to use WINS, or
> have a big chance of not appearing in your WINS server at all.
Okay, so here I am:

Win2k/XP clients --> internet --> NAT firewall --> Openswan Gateway -->
private net (

Windows hosts on my private nets DO use WINS, they all point to the same
WINS server (  So any box on any private subnet can see
all the other hosts.

My problem is, when I point my roadwarrior client to this same wins
server via the networking setup dialog box in the dial-up connection,
nothing shows up in the network neighborhood.  Nor do I see anything
with "net view" from the command line.  

I have also enabled "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" in the connection settings.
HOWEVER, when I use ipconfig to view my PPP connection on the windows
box, I see "NetBIOS over TCP/IP: disabled".  Now, I am not clear as to
the difference between NetBIOS and NetBeui.  NetBeui as far as I am
aware is a non-routable MS protocol which may be used AS AN ALTERNATIVE
TO WINS, basically all the windows machines just broadcast their
existence to the local subnet.  I have seen various Google posts which
indicate NetBEUI must be installed on WinXP to get WINS resolution to
work but I find this hard to believe... 

I tried installing NetBEUI on XP (warning from MS that this protocol is
discontinued) but wasn't allowed to attach it to my dial-up connections

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