[Openswan Users] Routing on a bigger network

Dave Stubbs dave.stubbs at utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 31 11:31:38 CET 2005

Hello all,

I have the following setup: --+ --+-- router -- -------+ ---+                                     | ---+                                 LinuxServer
                                                         | -+                                 LinuxServer ---+                                     | ---+-- router -- ------+ -+

The VPN is an OpenSWAN IPSec tunnel through the internet, and each 
immediate network at the end of the VPN is connected to lots of other 
networks via various methods.  I've only shown 4 of them on each side, 
but there are actually many more.  OpenSWAN works great for the two 
subnets immediately attached to the two Linux Servers, but I want to be 
able to have a machine on the network able to connect 
to a machine on the segment. 

The main group of networks at the top could be summarized as and the bottom ones could be summarized as 
but not necessary.  There are plans to hook the top part to another 
whole pile - say,

It would be really nice to put OSPF on the two linux servers and have 
them propagate routes through the VPN, but I'm reading that this is not 
possible because OpenSWAN uses "policies", not "routes".  Is there any 
example of how to do this? 



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