[Openswan Users] Difference between l2tp and rp-l2tp

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Mon Jan 24 22:43:03 CET 2005

sasa wrote:

> Hi, with l2tp in the l2tpd.conf I use:
> [global]
> listen-addr =
> [lns default]
> ip range =
> local ip =
> ...the equivalent on rp-l2tp in the l2tpd.conf I must use:
> lns-pppd-opts "debug refuse-pap require-chap
> auth lcp-echo-interval 30 lcp-echo-failure 6 ms-dns"

No, this is not the equivalent. L2tpd can assign IP addresses, but
rp-l2tp cannot. Unless rp-l2tp gets help from a RADIUS or DHCP plugin.

For testing purposes (will only work with one static IP address)
try this:

"debug refuse-pap require-chap ...etc."

> section peer
> peer

Add a line:
mask 0

I forgot to add this to the RPM.

> secret s3cr3t
> .. but the 'secret' parameter show the 'shared secret',  but it is
>  the equivalent of what?

It is a password for the L2TP server. Remove that line.

> The content of chap-secrets it remains equal ??


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