[Openswan Users] Unusual packet loss

Philip Burrow philburrow at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 12:29:23 CET 2005

Philip Burrow wrote:

> One of the machines (the "hub") has tunnels to other Openswan machines 
> and they work with no issues like this. So I presume it's safe to assume 
> there's no actual problem with this one. I'll try knocking the MTU down 
> on the remote machine. 

I have since altered the MTU in gradual steps on -both- machines 
simultaneously (steps of 50 from 1500 to 1000), yet it still drops pings 
when I restart ipsec, and data streams seem to stop after the first 
bunch of data as described in the original post.

I'll try changing the router as I have a spare.



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