[Openswan Users] Tunnel won't shut down properly

tomk at runbox.com tomk at runbox.com
Mon Jan 24 11:17:28 CET 2005

> On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 tomk at runbox.com wrote:
> > Here's the problem. If I boot into Debian and connect the Debian VPN, that works fine. However, if I then reboot into Arch or Windows, I can't connect to anything. Similarly with Debian and Windows, after using the Arch tunnel. AFAICS, the reason is that the routing table in IPCop retains the following entry:
> Please tell IPcop to upgrade to openswan-2. You are likely not processing all
> NOTIFICATIONS, so the IPcop machine keeps the tunnel up and will only accept
> plaintext packets from your IP until after rekeying has failed. Also check
> that uniqueids=yes, which should solve this problem. And another way to solve
> this is to enable Dead Peer Detection, using dpdaction=clear.
> Paul
> -- 
Thanks Paul - that worked perfectly.

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