[Openswan Users] Help to interoperation with Symantec Enterp rise Gateway.

Ryley Breiddal RBreiddal at presinet.com
Wed Jan 12 11:46:10 CET 2005

Giovanni Alfredo Guarneri wrote:
> I'm new using Openswan, and I'm looking for tips to configure it to
> make 
> a VPN connection between my Linux box and a Symantec Enterprise
> Gateway. 


Without any more details about what isn't working, I can only point to a fix
I found previously connecting to a Symantec VPN:


Essentially:  Make absolutely sure that you have the most recent firmware on
the Symantec side.

If your problem is unrelated to that, you'll need to post some


Ryley Breiddal
PresiNET Systems

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