[Openswan Users] OPENSWAN 2.1.4

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Feb 28 14:36:32 CET 2005

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Evgeny Klainer wrote:

> I'm really need your help I make some study project in my college
> and I need to change OPENSWAN sources and to PORT our
> crypto lyb. but I have some problem I cant find some defenition

What is 'crypto lyb'?

> of structure of the OPENSWAN and it's make my life very hard
> for example I can't find defenition of:
>                           DES_LONG

[paul at bofh openswan-2.3.0]$ find . -type f |  xargs grep DES_LONG |grep define
./linux/include/des/des_locl.h:#define c2l(c,l) (l =((DES_LONG)(*((c)++)))    , \
./linux/include/des/des_locl.h:#define n2l(c,l) (l =((DES_LONG)(*((c)++)))<<24L, \
./linux/include/crypto/des.h:#define DES_LONG u_int32_t
./linux/net/ipsec/des/VERSION:  Added DES_LONG.  If defined to 'unsigned int' on the DEC Alpha,

>                          des_key_schedule

[paul at bofh openswan-2.3.0]$ find . -type f |  xargs grep des_key_schedule |grep define
./linux/include/crypto/des.h:#define DES_SCHEDULE_SZ (sizeof(des_key_schedule))
./linux/include/crypto/des.h:#define Key_schedule des_key_schedule


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