[Openswan Users] packets freeze

jef peeraer jef.peeraer at pandora.be
Sat Feb 19 13:42:18 CET 2005

for the moment i am a happy openswan user ( latest version ), which runs on a 
gateway now and serves up to 16 roadwarriors, thanks for the avice of people 
on irc and newsgroup !! 
yesterday i did another install of a roadwarrior, setup some tunnels, pinging 
was ok, for both sides, i was editing a file via the tunnel, and everything 
frooze. tried a ping with great size, did't get through it. new installation 
is a isdn/adsl connection. i read something about this MTU parameter. can i 
adjust it for that tunnel, or do i have to fiddle with the modem/routers ?

jef peeraer

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