[Openswan Users] Re: NAT between to ipsec-connections with kernel 2.6.7 /

=?windows-1250?Q?Lubom=EDr_Klubus?= lubomir.klubus at orgrez.cz
Wed Feb 16 13:31:47 CET 2005

>Hint: try to use kernel >2.6.7
>I set up a vpn connection once with an xp client behind NAT, and the
>2.2.0 server. A connection couldn't have been established.
>Then I compiled the 2.6.9 kernel - everything worked fine (with THE SAME
>config files as while tries with 2.6.7).
>Maybe it was a lack of some option in the 2.6.7 kernel (but without NAT
>connections worked), but I had no problems with 2.6.9, so try to use this


I tested with kernel 2.6.8 (Mandrakelinux 10.1) and ...

KERNEL 2.6.8 + KLIPS 2.3.0 for kernel2.6 + Openswan-2.3.0 = nat-t is not
worked, but without nat-t worked.

KERNEL 2.6.8 + native kernel support(NETKEY), nat-t in kernel + Openswan
2.3.0  = nat-t is worked, but without nat-t is not worked.

KERNEL >= 2.6.9 + native kernel support(NETKEY) nat-t in kernel = ?

Lubomir Klubus

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