[Openswan Users] Additional Help if Possible

Eaton, Andy Andy at seas.wustl.edu
Mon Feb 14 10:31:35 CET 2005

I posted a little while ago about connecting to a Cisco 3030
Concentrator.  I have an ipsec barf posted on a website at
www.secured-ip.com along with some other maybe pertinent information.

It looks to me like IKE is negotiating everything ok but phase 2 of the
negotiation doesn't seem to take place on the Cisco Concentrator. It
looks like phase 2 finishes in the Pluto debug of OpenSWAN.

At first I thought maybe this was a versioning issue. I have tested with
the same outcome, to vpn3000-4.1.7.B-k9.bin and

If anyone can fill me in as to what is happening, I would be greatly

Since the Cisco doesn't have any debugging, the information posted on
the website is all I have to go on about any problems there.


Andrew Eaton

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